About Us

©Jean-Pierre Norblin de la Gourdaine (1745-1830)

Aesthetic Perception As Mission

In April of 2019, Asópo Verlag was founded by intercultural expert Dany Grünewald and German literature researcher Congshan Zhou in Berlin.

Based in the multiculti capital city of Germany, Asópo devotes itself to the discovery of an innovative and interactive way of publishing in the epoch of postmodernism and posthumanism.

According to Epicharmus of Kos, Asópo was one of the Pierides, the beautiful daughter of King Pierus of Emathia. She was transformed into a little bird after challenging the muses.

We admire the courage of oppugn the godly authority and elegant humanity of positive determinism.

In the spirit of antic mythology, we would love to pay homage to the destiny of Asópo, which means to “metamorphose”.

We re-naissance of book art.

We re-define eBooks.

We re-create a database of artworks and art scenes.

We have an enormous sense of mission that we should help more souls to evoke and enrich their ascetic perception in this hasty, chaotic and reification world.



Congshan Zhou